Jonathan Yun

Jonathan YunJonathan Yun hails from Penang, Malaysia. Though born there, his influence was certainly not limited to that one place. He graduated with a degree from RMIT Australia majoring in fine metals and also obtained a certificate in gemology. His creations, which were displayed in several exhibitions, won jewelry awards in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

In the course of his career, he worked in different capacities in Product Development and Design at prestigious companies such as Risis and Royal Selangor. However, it was only when he took the plunge to strike out on his own that Jonathan found true satisfaction. Today, Jonathan has come into his own with his range of jewelry made in his atelier in the famed Heritage Enclave in Penang, Malaysia.

Nature has been one of his passions and he loves her myriad creations that reflect beauty and perfection to minute detail and loves her display of colours and the intricacies of her handiwork. Being a certified divemaster as well as a fern collector, he often finds his inspiration in a diving trip or whilst tending to his garden. It is then he turns it into of pieces of wearable art.

Jonathan works in silver as he finds the soft patina of silver fascinating and alluring. He works from his studio where each piece of jewelry is painstakingly sculpted out in jewelers wax and then casted out in sterling silver and gold. Then the piece is hand finished and polished to reflect its beauty.

Being partial to the use of natural materials, gemstones and pearls are often incorporated into the designs. The marrying of sculptural forms with the luster and dazzle of the stones effectively produce stunning masterpieces !

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